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Drama / Sweden / 14 min.

In the midst of frost and snow, a woman is driving her way to the hospital in Kiruna, the northernmost city of Sweden. Under the scorching sunlight of Kigali, Rwanda, another woman is being carried to the hospital on a stretcher. The two single mothers-to-be on the verge of giving birth to a baby are departed thousands of miles apart, but share the same fear of entering the unknown world of motherhood.

Director: Goran Kapetanovic
Producer: Goran Kapetanovic, Helena Danielsson
Writer: Maria Nygren
Five Dollars

Drama / Canada / 6 min.

Five year old Anthony is consumed with toys and video games. When he starts to spend more time with his babysitter than his single mother, he's forced to learn that time is money and money is time.

Director: Reza Dahya
Producer: Rinku DasGupta, Shaffin Haji, Reza Dahya
Writer: Chris Cromie

Drama / USA / 15 min.

Linda is a loving mother who happens to support the family by shoplifting with her teenage son Cody and his little brother Freddy. They steal groceries, clothing, jewelry - anything they can sell on-line. For ten-year-old Freddy, their cons are exciting adventures, but Cody begins to see the hazards of their questionable lifestyle. When Freddy is placed in harm's way, Cody must choose between being a dutiful son and protecting his brother from a future life of crime.

Director: Kieran Valla
Producer: Shira Aharony
Writer: Brett Swanson, Kieran Valla
Pablo's Villa

Documentary / Australia / 7 min.

In 1985, Pablo Novak watched as the picturesque holiday town of Villa Epecuen was submerged. Everybody abandoned the town, except for Pablo. Now, over 23 years later, this modern day Atlantis has finally re-emerged, and what remains of it has become Pablo's home, and a place for his memories.

Director: Matthew Salleh
Producer: Rose Tucker
Mr. West

Drama / Canada / 11 min.

Young Polish man comes to Toronto looking for work to support his family back home, but doesn't get the position he is educated and qualified for, instead landing a job in manual labor.

Director: Oliver Ward
Producer: Jake Michaels
Writer: Jake Michaels, Oliver Ward
Gaspé Copper

Drama / Canada / 14 min.

Murdochville, 1957. A family is forced to move as the father, pained by a long miners' strike, finds a new job in the city.

Director: Alexis Fortier Gauthier
Producer: Hany Ouichou, Yanick Létourneau
Writer: Alexandre Auger
Momsters Playground

Comedy / Canada / 8 min.

Good parenting, civility and decorum are all thrown to the wind when two helicopter moms/trophy moms get into a ludicrous competition to prove "my child is better than yours." Skewed perceptions and the pursuit of power and prestige turn a mundane event at the neighborhood playground into an absurd comedy of errors.

Director: Stephen Roscoe
Producer: Peter Gentile
Writer: Stephen Roscoe
Night Shift

Drama / New Zealand / 15 min.

Amidst the arrivals and departures, an airport cleaner faces the longest journey.

Director: Zia Mandviwalla
Producer: Matt Noonan
Writer: Zia Mandviwalla

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