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The Wheatfield

Animation / USA / 10 min.

The tale of the Battle of Gettysburg told through the eyes of an aged Union Soldier named James Jackson Purman as he vividly recalls his fateful encounters with friends and foe.

Director: Alexander Smith, Adrian Smith
Producer: Jake Boritt, Stephen Lang
Writer: Stephen Lang

Drama / Canada / 21 min.

George, stoic and overprotective, travels to Zurich with his daughter Rachel. One is planning physician-assisted suicide; the other has just one day left to intervene.

Director: Samuel Flückiger
Producer: Mike MacMillan
Writer: Darragh McDonald
The Lamp

Drama / Canada / 15 min.

Beginning at the end of a first date, a man and woman continue to get to know each other while sharing a cab home. But when on a date with someone from the Internet, how can you really know who you've just spent the last few hours with?

Director: Trevor Juras
Producer: Shannon Stevens
Writer: Trevor Juras
Par Avion

Drama / Canada / 16 min.

Edward longs to escape his menial life as a short order cook, but fear of the unknown makes him a prisoner in his own family. The only that can set him free is his father's reckless behavior.

Director: Cristina Martins
Producer: Mathieu Elie, Stephanne Choquette
Writer: Cristina Martins, Mathieu Elie

Drama / Canada / 14 min.

Sam and Grace meet up in a deserted bar, seeing each other for the first time in long while. They have a lot to say, except for their true feelings for one another.

Director: Mark O'Brien
Producer: Katie Boland, Francis Mooney
Writer: Katie Boland
Happy Tears

Drama / Germany / 5 min.

An unexpected encounter with an object from his past plunges a man into a dream-like state of reminiscence. He begins a journey into his mind which leads him into the light, and helps him to remember something vital he had once known but eventually forgotten: that true peace comes from within.

Director: Martin Monk
Producer: Philipp C. Wolter, Julian Zigerli
Writer: Martin Monk
How to Keep Your Day Job

Drama / Canada / 10 min.

This rhythmic short film expresses the fullness of the nine-to-five grind, or the lack thereof. Filled with human insight and comedic irony, the story follows a young woman juggling the personal and professional worlds.

Director: Sean Frewer
Producer: Lea Marin
Writer: Lesley Krueger, Rebecca Rosenblum

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