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The Ties Between Us

Drama / Canada / 10 min.

Two friends must work through guilt as they face a night of tragedy together after their friend dies trying to protect them.

Director: Christer Harris
Producer: Felicia Baird
Writer: Christer Harris

Drama / United Kingdom / 11 min.

Jealous sensitivities are running high for an unlikely couple out on a date. Helen and Simon should both know their relationship doesn’t matter, but unfortunately for them, it does.

Director: Matthew Murdoch
Producer: Mark Peters
Writer: Line Langebek, Matthew Murdoch
We Are Not Here

Drama / Canada / 20 min.

"We Are Not Here" is a short film about a small derelict town waiting for a road. Through a series of vignettes we take a glimpse into the life of the town and its residents.

Director: Aaron Mirkin
Producer: Miriam Levin-Gold
Writer: Aaron Mirkin
I'm the One

Drama / Australia / 14 min.

When 16-year-old Wolfe rejects his fathers invitation for a boy's night out, he is left to confront his feelings for his dad's girlfriend.

Director: Paola Morabito
Producer: Matt Noonan, Tara Riddell
Writer: Paola Morabito

Documentary / Canada / 10 min.

Home, a journey through the subconscious exploring place and memory from the perspective of a newly landed Chinese immigrant in Canada. This short alternative documentary follows Chun Yan as she travels both physically and metaphorically from her past into the present. From China to Canada, Chun Yan reflects on what she has given up while struggling to understand her place in the new world.

Director: Matthew Kennedy
Producer: Matthew Kennedy
Seven Persons

Experimental / Canada / 19 min.

Seven Persons interweaves three stories of prairie life through the landscape of Alberta. In fluid flashbacks and flash-forwards, the film meditates on the layers of innocence, experience, history and memory buried within the landscape, highlighting the ways in which the past resonates in the present.

Director: Chris Romeike
Producer: Chris Romeike
Writer: Chris Romeike

Drama / United Kingdom / 4 min.

In that single moment, a lifetime crystallized forcing him to act on instinct. He left his life behind and followed his heart, to her. A new beginning. A second chance. A different end.

Director: Stuart Gillies
Producer: Laura Gregory
Writer: J Rose Black

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