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The Morning After

Romance / Canada / 15 min.

Mae is surprised to wake up in her best friend Lisa's guest room, naked in bed with sexy stranger. She is eager to put the night behind her, but can this perceptive and playful mystery man convince Mae that sometimes you have to wake up to find the man of your dreams?

Director: David Renaud
Producer: Mia Renaud
Writer: David Renaud, Meg Gifford

Comedy / Canada / 15 min.

"iBrain" is a comedic short film set in the near future where the latest piece of must-have technology is released and has unforeseen and hilarious effects! We follow the story of Kara, a luddit librarian, and her techie boyfriend Dylan who has just gotten the new iBrain installed into his noggin! Antics ensue as the Auto-Pilot feature, where you can talk/text/surf the web all while making food, doing laundry, driving, etc, is not all that it's cracked up to be.

Director: Dennis Nicholson
Producer: Bear Schaal, Evert Houston, Oliver Ward
Writer: Katrina Nicholson, Dennis Nicholson
The Trial of Barnaby Finch

Comedy / USA / 3 min.

To swat or not to swat? That is the question an errant fly poses to our hapless hero, Barnaby Finch, at the penultimate moment of his job interview. Filmed in split-screen, the potential consequences of Barnaby's weighty decision ripple out in absurdist waves.

Director: Samuel Stephens, Sorrel Ahlfeld
Producer: Andrea Papazoglou
Writer: Sorrel Ahlfeld
Sensitivity Training 2

Comedy / Canada / 9 min.

On the case of a cheating husband, two Toronto Detectives argue the finer points of Canadian culture while following their mark.

Director: Dennis Nicholson
Producer: Oliver Ward
Writer: Oliver Ward, Dennis Nicholson

Comedy / Canada / 5 min.

Every one of us has sat in a coffee shop and enjoyed our favorite newspaper or worked hard on an overdue term paper. What do you do when a seemingly harmless stranger starts making so much noise, which they are oblivious to, that it becomes an audio distraction from your important "me time?"

Director: Michael Gallant
Producer: Michael Gallant
Writer: Alison Hoog, Steph Tolev
Social Media Anonymous

Comedy / USA / 6 min.

A short satire about how addicted we are to various forms of social media. Set in a support group for social media abusers, the short pokes fun at the problems that arise from posting too much on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Director: Jason Berger
Producer: Amy Laslett
Writer: Cindy Kaplan, Michael Rainey
Local Commercial

Comedy / USA / 21 min.

Vin John, who has enjoyed a successful career as a journeyman film - television - theater director, finds himself forced to take a 'local' television commercial gig. What Vin expects to be one of the easiest jobs of his long career steadily turns into his worst nightmare. From the moment he enters the stage he steps on one land mine after another - until he's finally face-to-face with the monster that has been chasing him for the past few years.

Director: Richard Dobbs
Producer: Charles Miller
Writer: Didi Dobbs
I'm Not a Hacker

Comedy / USA / 14 min.

When a delusional IT Technician refuses to join his company's move towards a more relaxed and harmonious work environment, he ventures further into a world of loneliness and insanity.

Director: Andrew Stegmeyer
Producer: Christopher Oliva
Writer: Andrew Stegmeyer

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