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Drama / Canada / 13 min.

A young couple must deal with diverging paths and the fate of their extraordinary time together.

Director: Joseph Procopio
Producer: Joseph Procopio, Frank Procopio
Writer: Joseph Procopio

Drama / Canada / 16 min.

8-year old Jake has a passion for classic rock and is bullied by his classmates for being passionate about something they don't understand. When Ms. Loraine, a teacher in her mid-20s who does like rock, fills in as his substitute music teacher, Jake's heart calls out for her.

Director: Daniel Sarkissian
Producer: Daniel Sarkissian
Writer: Daniel Sarkissian
The Pamplemousse

Comedy / Canada / 12 min.

In this magical comedy, an introverted young female artist and a suicidal man's paths cross while looking at the Mona Lisa at a special exhibit in Quebec City.

Director: Jonathan Watton
Producer: Sonia Despars, Marc Biron, Jonathan Watton, Mika Collins
Writer: Mika Collins, Jonathan Watton
A Subsequent Life

Drama / Canada / 8 min.

Select excerpts of a young woman's life, which has been forever changed in the wake of her only brothers death.

Director: Katie Boland
Producer: Erika Lobko
Writer: Katie Boland

Drama / Canada / 12 min.

"Elevator" begins with two ambitious professionals, a white woman and a black man, entering an elevator on their way to interview for the same position. Then the elevator gets stuck. They are trapped together for three hours. Tensions rise as the clock ticks. What does professional competition look like when no one's watching?

Director: Kim Barr
Producer: Miranda Handford
Writer: Miranda Handford

Drama / Finland / 15 min.

A lonely woman finds an abandoned baby by her apartment house's garbage bin and decides to take the baby home with her.

Director: Mikko Kuparinen
Producer: Elina Pohjola
Writer: Elina Pohjola
A Good Story

Drama / Germany / 20 min.

Helga Landowsky wants to buy a jug in an antiques shop in Goerlitz, but the shop assistant does not want to sell it for money. Jakub Lato would only sell the jug for a good story - her story.

Director: Martin-Christopher Bode
Producer: Alexandra Prochazka, Daniel Philipp
Writer: Michael Seidel

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