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Drama / Brazil / 15 min.

Grace is a synchronized swimmer facing challenges from her own body. Under water she dives into her innermost self.

Director: Anna Clara Peltier
Producer: Giulia Setembrino
Writer: Anna Clara Peltier
En Pointe

Documentary / Canada / 9 min.

En Pointe goes beyond the elegant orchestration of ballet to tell the story of a ballerina’s relationship with her delicate pink pointe shoes. Featuring Greta Hodgkinson, principal dancer at the National Ballet of Canada; Sophie Letendre, retired ballerina; and Lorna Geddes, shoe room manager at the National Ballet of Canada.

Director: Daniel Tacchino
Producer: Erika Carolan
Writer: Daniel Tacchino, Aaron McMurtry
Cast: Sophie Letendre, Greta Hodgkinson, and Lorna Geddes
Subteranean Love

Romance / USA / 16 min.

Note: though the copyright says 2012, the actual final edit was not completed until 2013. Two middle aged people (man & woman), no longer in a relationship, are out in Greenwich Village, he alone and she with a friend, on the same street, but in separate places. They end up on the same subway platform, an old Easter European woman is play haunting music that permeates the film. The two get on the same subway car and surreptitiously have fantasies about each other, but never talk,

Director: Robert Haufrecht
Producer: Richard Sullivan
Writer: Robert Haufrecht
Uggs For Gaza

Comedy / USA / 11 min.

Mitch, new to LA, tells a lie to impress a girl at a party. Wracked with guilt, he seeks to make the lie a truth and in doing so, changes his life. A gentle satire about the culture of giving in LA. Based on a story by Gordon Haber, originally published in The Normal School

Director: Brooke Berman
Producer: Sarah Platt, Amber Benson
Writer: Brooke Berman
Cast: Brian Slaten, Yvonne Woods, Kat Foster, Jason Antoon, Amir Arison, Sasha Eden, Michael Alperin, Lina Patel, Jeiran Lashai, and Connor Barrett
Dear God

Drama / Israel / 13 min.

'Dear God' depicts romantic Jerusalem, as seen through the eyes of Aaron, a simple man who guards the Wailing Wall. One day a beautiful, mysterious woman puts a note between the holy stones and Aaron decides to fulfill her deepest wish, while learning that love is all about communication.

Director: Erez Tadmor , Guy Nattiv
Producer: Shemi Shoenfeld , Amitan Manelzon
Writer: Erez Tadmor, Guy Nattiv
Cast: Lior Ashkenazi, Reymond Amsalem
Oh! My Princess

Drama / Korea (South) / 16 min.

He is a Taxi driver and single father, raising his high school student daughter since his divorce. One night, a student passenger takes his taxi. On the way to her destination, He looks embarrassed by the student's violent verbal abuse. After a while, he realizes that the destination of the student is his own apartment...

Director: Heewook SA
Producer: Jungmin WOO
Writer: Heewook SA
A Poet Long Ago

Drama / USA / 14 min.

A Poet Long Ago” stars Steve Schirripa (SONNY) and Boris McGiver (MALLOY). In the present day, SONNY, a sanitation worker, and MALLOY, a newspaper writer, meet by chance and reminisce about their grammar school days together back in 1970s Brooklyn.

Director: Bob Giraldi
Producer: Amelia Dallis, Patti Greaney
Writer: Pete Hamill
Cast: Steve Schirripa and Boris McGiver

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