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Frontline Men

Drama / Canada / 19 min.

Montreal. 1963. The first wave of attacks by the revolutionary FLQ group rage on. A young, idealist university student is looking for the most efficient way to free his nation, Quebec. A disgruntled, unemployed father shares his thirst for action. Together, the two friends become the guys on the front.

Director: Benjamin Tessier, Jean-Philippe Nadeau Marcoux
Producer: Elias Djemil, Catherine Benoit
Writer: Benjamin Tessier, Jean-Philippe Nadeau Marcoux
Cast: Joé Côté-Rancourt, Pierre-Luc Brillant, Richard Fréchette, and Nicolas Letourneau
A Great Man

Drama / Australia / 16 min.

The year is 1969. Man prepares to walk on the moon, Woodstock rocks on, and the Boeing 747 takes to the skies for the first time. But in a small Australian town, Ry is eclipsed by the shadow of his charismatic, daredevil best friend Dusty and the memory of his Vietnam war hero brother. He must overcome his greatest fears to escape the confines of his small town and go on to become... 'A Great Man'

Director: Josh Dawson
Producer: Josh Dawson, Scout Cripps
Writer: Scout Cripps
The Mom

Documentary / Canada / 3 min.

Part one of three films. The Mom is the moms POV of a mixed race marriage in 1964.

Director: Vanessa Shah
Producer: Vanessa Shah
Writer: Vanessa Shah
Cast: Connie Maudsley
The iMom

Sci-Fi / Australia / 14 min.

The iMom is a wildly successful product that's guaranteed to raise your kids for you. But when a preoccupied mother leaves her 8 year old son and baby daughter under the care of the family's iMom, an irreversible connection is formed.

Director: Ariel Martin
Producer: Ariel Martin, Filmgraphics Entertainment
Writer: Ariel Martin
Cast: Matilda Brown, Marta Dusseldorp, and Karl Beattie

Drama / USA / 12 min.

On the night before his ordination into the priesthood, Robert, a young seminarian struggling with uncertainty, explores his desire for a beautiful Jazz singer.

Director: Orlee-Rose Strauss
Producer: Tim Smith, Ashley Chrisman
Writer: Joseph Sousa
Welcome Home

Drama / Canada / 12 min.

Welcome Home captures the pivotal moment of a conflicted woman who must come to terms with her brother's self-destructive battle.

Director: Christian Martel
Producer: Robyn Laliberte
Writer: Taylor Martin
Cast: Taylor Martin, John Fleming, Andrew Ahmed

Romance / Canada / 11 min.

Based on the bestselling novel, Arranged follows Anne Blythe, 33, who after yet another failed relationship enlists the services of a dating agency, only to discover it isn’t a dating agency at all but an exclusive arranged marriage service.

Director: Renuka Jeyapalan
Producer: Connie Contardi, Jocelyn Mercer
Writer: Renuka Jeyapalan
Cast: Stacey McGunnigle, Yanna McIntosh, Aaron Ashmore, and Louise Nicol

Drama / Canada / 7 min.

Donovan tries to overcome the guilt after failing to protect his son.

Director: Patrick Hodgson
Producer: Mafalda Gugliuzzi, Tye Evans
Writer: Tye Evans
Cast: Tye Evans, Megan Oko, Caiden Elijah Rouse

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