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Game Night

Documentary / Canada / 7 min.

A game collector opens his door to the community and brings people together the only way he knows how: through video games.

Director: Meagan Borosch
Producer: Diane Cabral
Writer: Meagan Borosch
Deep Down

Erotic / France / 12 min.

Deep Down follows a lost young stripper named America as she struggles to make sense of a dangerous kind of love. Featuring Michael Maize and Breana McDow with narration by Scarlett Johansson.

Director: Fiona Godivier
Producer: Cecile Winckler, Fiona Godivier
Writer: Fiona Godivier
Baby Brain

Comedy / Canada / 12 min.

While trying to decide how to handle a surprise pregnancy, Isabel sets out to silence the pesky voices in her head, who’ve suddenly come to life in human form. BABY BRAIN is a frank, fanciful and funny look at a woman making the decision of her life, while battling her own inner (and outer) demons.

Director: Mars Horodyski
Producer: Anna Hardwick, Priya Rao, Nicole Bergot
Writer: Anna Hardwick
Cast: Anna Hardwick, Jonathan Gould, Andre Sills, Jennifer Waiser

Romance / United Kingdom / 3 min.

Have you ever caught a strangers eye and wondered - what if?

Director: Christopher Rule, Ben White
Producer: Mark Whittow-Williams, Stephen Overs
Writer: Ben White, Christopher Rule
Take Me Home

Drama / Canada / 17 min.

Lily is a long-suffering insomniac, trapped between the past and the future. Emma pulls Lily from her seclusion for Emma's first art exhibition. At the end of the night, Lily must make the decision to either move forward with her life, or stay mired in the past.

Director: Kim Tran
Producer: Marena Dix, Jaselle Martino
Writer: Piers Rae
Cast: Tirra Dent, Al Miro, Rhona Rees, and John Gillich
Two and a Quarter Minutes

Drama / USA / 7 min.

What goes through one’s mind in the two-and-a- quarter minutes it takes on average for someone to drown?

Director: Joshua Ovalle
Producer: Joshua Ovalle
Writer: Joshua Ovalle
Mel Tuck: Finding the Pieces

Documentary / Canada / 20 min.

Mel Tuck is a renown acting coach in Canada. Through his long career he has had many students go on to have successful careers in Hollywood. This is about his story, and how the ups and downs of his own life have been integrated into his process working with actors and putting them in the position to achieve.

Director: Spencer Shiffman
Producer: Sunyong Yi
Writer: Spencer Shiffman
Through the Pane

Drama / Canada / 15 min.

Two lonely souls meet by chance through their opposite apartment windows. Then begins a playful daily conversation through hand written notes and a potential blossoming romance. But will their insecurities and assumptions sabotage their chances at real love?

Director: Pauline Egan
Producer: Pauline Egan, Justin Breault
Writer: Pauline Egan

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