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The Exile

Drama / Canada / 14 min.

During the Italian occupation of Libya in 1911 the Italian Island Tremiti was where the young Libyan men were exiled to, and forced into hard labour until they died. Any exiles sickened with the Bubonic plague were buried alive.

Director: Najdat Anzour
Producer: Anzour Production
Writer: Muammer Al-Gaddafi
Cast: Pier Paolo and Hazem Dawood
Her Shadow

Drama / Canada / 12 min.

Maura, an impetuous 17-year old, is forced to live with her estranged aunt after her gambling addict father is arrested for embezzlement. While attempting to collect money for his bail, Maura realizes her father hasn't been entirely truthful about his family and his past.

Director: Gayle Ye
Producer: Matt Santoli
Writer: Margaret MacDougall, Gayle Ye

Comedy / Canada / 10 min.

An aging beauty discovers self-worth after an appointment with a youth obsessed dermatologist.

Director: Amy Jo Johnson
Producer: Jessica Adams
Writer: Amy Jo Johnson
Trouble and the Shadowy Deathblow

Drama / USA / 22 min.

No man is an island—but there are always exceptions. Meet Jim Funkle. A once promising food scientist, his career came to an end with one catastrophic failed experiment. Ostracized, unemployed, middle aged, Jim Funkle was American mediocrity at its best… until he was given the chance to choose otherwise.

Director: Stephanie Laing
Producer: David Gordon Green, Eric Steelberg
Writer: Patrick Somerville
Cast: Tony Hale, Frankie Faison, Andy Buckley, Marc Wootton, Jean Villepique, Maclaren Laing, Sherrie Peterson, Tim Baltz, David Smolar, Caitlynn Leary, and Bill Thomas
Tango Underpants

Romance / Australia / 14 min.

Carolyn, a young Australian backpacker, travels to Buenos Aries where she discovers not only the wonders of the Tango but also the vital importance of the right underwear!

Director: Miranda Edmonds, Khrob Edmonds
Producer: Tania Chambers, Stephen Van Mil
Writer: John Collee
Today I Did My Laundry

Drama / Canada / 15 min.

When a quiet compulsive man is faced with the harsh reality of his wife's affair, he must choose to harness the pain or descend into madness.

Director: Zach Patton
Producer: Danielle Clayson
Writer: Zach Patton
Cast: Brent Meidiner and Claudia Angeli

Sci-Fi / USA / 8 min.

Mazzy, a young girl fighting for survival in the back alleys of the city, has pissed off some dangerous people. She needs a way out, so she turns to her only ally - a broken down old construction robot named Three.

Director: Joe Ksander, Kevin Adams
Producer: Narineh Hacopian, Ryan Kirby
Writer: Joe Ksander, Kevin Adams

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