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Light And Silence

Drama / Canada / 6 min.

Brittany meets up with God in the afterlife to discuss the events leading up to her violent murder. She takes advantage of the opportunity to ask God about his perspectives on violence and his criteria for intervening on behalf of victims.

Director: Peter Szabo
Producer: Angus McLellan, Peter Szabo
Writer: Peter Szabo

Drama / Canada / 14 min.

Exhausted by her newborn, a first-time mother's home becomes a trap as her husband's sinister intentions emerge.

Director: Joe Kicak
Producer: Cat McCormick, Alex Molenaar
Writer: Heli Kennedy

Drama / Canada / 12 min.

Mourning the death of her mother, Laila Mistry invites family for a traditional Indo-Persian feast. Instead of finding solace in the rituals of cooking, she has an identity crisis that threatens her marriage. Only the unraveling of a family secret restores harmony to her household.

Director: Niara Modi
Producer: Niara Modi, Laura Nordin, Emily Andrews
Writer: Niara Modi
Mr. Bernstein

Drama / Canada / 12 min.

After Debbie hears about her father's life-changing musical experience in a refugee camp, she tracks down the famous conductor years later, with unexpected consequences.

Director: Francine Zuckerman
Producer: Jessica Adams, Francine Zuckerman
Writer: Deb Filler, Guy Hamling
Love Stinks

Comedy / Canada / 12 min.

Jay is a headstrong 13-year-old girl who, along with her two best friends, acquires a Playgirl magazine. She declares that if they look at it, it will magically kick-start their entry into womanhood. Set in the 80s, it's a film about girlhood, growing up and the importance of friendship.

Director: Alicia Harris
Producer: Rebeca Ortiz
Writer: Alicia Harris
Black Cat

Drama / Australia / 15 min.

'Black Cat' is an atmospheric portrait of a single father and his teenage daughter growing apart, as she finds solace in black magic as an outlet for her growing sexuality.

Director: Leonie Savvides
Producer: Elise Annetts, Niamh Peren
Writer: Leonie Savvides

Action/Adventure / USA / 9 min.

John Malkovich recites Plato's 'Allegory of the Cave' while illustrations depicting human atrocities appear all around him.

Director: Sandro Miller
Producer: Zack Sabin, Heather Mitchell
Writer: Aristocles Plato
The Last Day

Drama / Canada / 14 min.

Two lover try to break the relationship norm, can they pull it off?

Director: Patrick Hodgson
Producer: Patrick Hodgson, Tyler McMaster
Writer: Tyler McMaster

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