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Drama / USA / 12 min.

The South Bronx, NY. A nine year old girl is murdered. Detective Tony Dumont faces an unconscionable reality when he discovers who his real adversary is.

Director: TJ Sansone
Producer: Tom Brown, Michael Ricigliano
Writer: Michael Ricigliano, Sal Lifrieri
Small Platelet Dining

Horror / USA / 9 min.

A couple on their first Tinder date hit if off, until the girl turns out to be a vampire in search of food for her small infant.

Director: John Putch
Producer: Arthur Sarkissian
Writer: Trey Callaway
How Not to Look for Love

Comedy / Canada / 7 min.

Andie, our firecracker heroine, suffers though the roller-coaster Manhattan dating scene. Three blind dates provide ample opportunity for love and chaos. Will Andie find the man of her dreams or will she end up knitting herself into becoming a crazy-old cat lady?

Director: Michael T. Burgess
Producer: Courtney Deelen, Sam Hachey
Writer: Michael T. Burgess, Courtney Deelen
The Hotel Room

Drama / Canada / 8 min.

Two lives change forever in a hotel room.

Director: Bobby Del Rio
Producer: Stephanie Baird, Matthew Willson
Writer: Bobby Del Rio
The Blue Jet

Drama / Canada / 15 min.

The Blue Jet is a 1970's Taiwan-set rock & roll bathed story about a rebellious radio DJ who broadcasted banned rock & roll based on my father's true story.

Director: Lawrence Lam
Producer: Lawrence Lam
Writer: Lawrence Lam

Drama / Canada / 20 min.

Luvvie is a short film that tracks a few days in the life of out-of- work actor, Abby Gwyn, leading up to a big audition.

Director: Annie Briggs
Producer: Laura Nordin, Aaron Chartrand
Writer: Annie Briggs
Bernie and Rebecca

Comedy / USA / 15 min.

After a blind date, Bernie and Rebecca imagine a future life together, but it's not the perfect marriage with angelic kids, a big house and white picket fence.

Director: Melissa Kent
Producer: Mary Pat Bentel, Melissa Kent
Writer: John F. Harris

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