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Prison Fight

Documentary / Canada / 16 min.

This documentary is about two men, Sean McNabb and Komkit Ketnawk. Two men from opposite ends of the globe who eventually end up in a prison fight. Sean fights for his long lost brother, while Komkit fights for his freedom.

Director: Robert Pilichowski
Producer: Ann Shin
Writer: Robert Pilichowski
Till Human Voices Wake Us

Experimental / USA / 12 min.

A dream within a dream of love, loss and Selkies - seals in water, enchantresses on land - who storm Manhattan to save one who's fallen for a drowning man. A shy marine biologist, dreaming of escaping reality with the creatures she loves, helps them, but soon abandoned, seeks revenge.

Director: Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri
Producer: Rick Schwartz, Jeremy Frommer
Writer: Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri, TS Eliot

Suspense/Thriller / Estonia / 26 min.

Why a fly is sitting on the comrade Lenin's nose in the sarcophagus? The film tells a dark satire of the pathologist Abrikosov, who embalmed Lenin's body and in theory managed to overcome death. The story follows critical night, when Abrikosov has to solve a problem with Lenin's body. Welcome to Moscow of 1936 and into the world of Stalinist terror where a human is less worthy than a fly.

Director: Lauri Randla
Producer: Peeter Urbla, Osku Pajamaki
Writer: Lauri Randla
The Last Glimmer

Drama / USA / 18 min.

A short dramatic film about loneliness and otherness in the California suburbs. A reclusive veteran is dying of cancer, and his only solace comes from his friendship with an unscrupulous and erratic woman who sells him stuff he doesn't want. The nosy neighbor's distaste grows for that which does not fit.

Director: Emily Calhoun
Producer: Emily Calhoun
Writer: Emily Calhoun

Action/Adventure / Canada / 7 min.

A young boy tries to bring his dead lizard back to life.

Director: Lauren Belanger
Producer: Ryan Nesbitt
Writer: Ryan Nesbitt
The Bedbug Affair

Animation / Canada / 8 min.

'The Bedbug Affair' (starring comedian Jon Dore) is an animated short that focuses on one man as he wrestles with his desire… to see a really cool action movie without his significant other finding out.

Director: Jeremy Diamond
Producer: Jonas Diamond
Writer: Jeremy Diamond

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