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If You Leave

Experimental / Canada / 3 min.

'If You Leave' is a short contemporary dance film about a woman's relentless devotion and loyalty to a partner who is no longer a part of her life. An industrial warehouse space filled with an atmosphere of nostalgia sets the stage. Amidst a thick layer of smoke a woman appears. Her lover has left a gaping void in her life. She stands alone, left only with her thoughts, the gravity of her situation is palpable. Her movements fluid and subtle at times are drastically contrasted

Director: Robert Pilichowski
Producer: Robert Pilichowski, Ming-Bo Lam
Writer: Robert Pilichowski
Walking Supply

Drama / Canada / 25 min.

After escaping from a Soviet labour camp with two fellow prisoners, a man struggles to survive in the Siberian wilderness when he discovers his comrades' desperate plan to murder him for food.

Director: Derek Barnes
Producer: Derek Barnes, James McDougall
Writer: James McDougall, Derek Barnes
Over the Top

Documentary / Canada / 17 min.

Amusing and quirky, 70 year-old Rick Harding has been entertaining and inspiring himself and his fellow Lindsay, Ontario, Canada residents for 50 years with his 'live out loud' peculiar and compulsive lifestyle. Whether he's jumping a fence, flying down a mountain, or plunging into some body of water, he does it with gusto!

Director: Cynthia Banks
Producer: Cynthia Banks
Writer: Cynthia Banks
The Barber of Augusta

Documentary / Canada / 20 min.

Meet Matt Genser, The Barber of Augusta, who dresses up in a super hero costume to give out free haircuts to the homeless. And like all superheros he's got a dark side, struggling with issues of inadequacy, rejection and loneliness. But in his costume hes king of the road.

Director: Michele Hozer
Producer: Nava Rastegar, Michele Hozer
Writer: Michele Hozer

Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 15 min.

Jen, a surveillance expert specializing in total, 24-hour coverage is being driven mad by the banality and predictability of her target, Chloe. When Chloe breaks routine and is momentarily lost, Jen is forced to choose between self-preservation and morality. Eventually her operation's hierarchy is revealed.

Director: Matthew Read
Producer: Katy Lukianiuk
Writer: Lucas Gellatly

Drama / Canada / 15 min.

Facing eviction, a single mom is offered overnight work, but without a babysitter for her two small children, she has nowhere else to turn.

Director: Noel Harris
Producer: Mark O'Neill
Writer: Noel Harris

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