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Comedy / Canada / 20 min.

Bartholomew is a happy-go-lucky disco lover who is desperate to find a girlfriend. But when he gets that opportunity he doesn't realize it may be more complicated than he thought.

Director: Elizabeth Becker
Producer: Elizabeth Becker, Jay Guerriere
Writer: Elizabeth Becker
Acting Up

Comedy / Canada / 7 min.

A disgruntled aging actress struggles to find work within a youth- obsessed industry, while trying to retain her dignity and sense of self.

Director: Chris Ross
Producer: Vanessa Burns, Freya Ravensbergen
Writer: Vanessa Burns
Color of Reality

Drama / USA / 6 min.

Alexa Meade's art is the medium for visual storytelling in Color of Reality, a short film written, directed, and choreographed by Jon Boogz. Movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck deliver emotional performances that speak powerfully to our frustrations with the increasing violence that is haunting American society today. Produced by Kalie Acheson of Animi.Design.

Director: Jon Booz
Producer: Alexa Meade, Kalie Acheson
Writer: Jon Boogz

Action/Adventure / USA / 10 min.

On the eve of her 30th birthday, Marley confronts her past. Every end has a beginning.

Director: Katherine Barrell
Producer: Katherine Barrell
Writer: Katherine Barrell

Action/Adventure / Canada / 13 min.

When Frank sits his granddaughter down to tell her about her mother, he changes her life, sending her on an inevitable course for revenge.

Director: Jonah Greisman
Producer: Marc Forand
Writer: Jonah Greisman
On The Line

Drama / Canada / 11 min.

Collegiate sports recruiting can get very competitive and Bill is no stranger. A recruiter himself, Bill tries to rekindle his career while maintaining his ethics and morals that he learned from his father.

Director: Sean Menard, Matthew Willson
Producer: Matthew Willson, Sean Menard
Writer: Hussein Daya
Cast: Matthew Willson, Vince Carlin, Derrek Peels
One Man

Drama / Canada / 13 min.

An 80-year-old man follows the traces left by a car accident.

Director: Philippe Gregoire
Producer: Philippe Gregoire
Writer: Philippe Gregoire
Jade & Matteo

Drama / Canada / 11 min.

Jade and Matteo love each other, but their daily life is disturbed by the strange behavior of Matteo. Jade, rather conformist prefers to ignore it. The love that unites them will be put to the test in this 'huis clos'. What to do before the impotence of a loved one who loose control?

Director: Myriam Guimond
Producer: Myriam Guimond
Writer: Myriam Guimond

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