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Experimental / Canada / 5 min.

When a mass shooting is stripped of the narrative that we lay on it, the stories of attackers and victims, mental health and delusions, extremism, betrayal, and revenge, what's left? Only the 'Wolf'.

Director: Noam Tomaschoff, Alan Pierson
Producer: Noam Tomaschoff, Chelsea Frei
Writer: Noam Tomaschoff

Drama / Canada / 10 min.

A mid-20's couple moves into their first apartment together only to discover that they haven't been entirely truthful about their sexual histories.

Director: Colin Mercer
Producer: Gina Lomas
Writer: Colin Mercer
The Package

Comedy / Canada / 20 min.

It's just a plain brown package, but everyone wants it. A classic MacGuffin in a comic existential noir about role, identity, and desire.

Director: Ted Atherton
Producer: Ted Atherton
Writer: Ted Atherton
The Land of Nod

Drama / Canada / 16 min.

An adolescent boy struggles to come to terms with being the son of a murderer while searching for a body with one of the victim's younger sister.

Director: Ivan Ramin Radnik
Producer: Bec Taggart
Writer: Natalia Medvedeva
Cast: Ryan Rosery, Lea Berry & Susie McLean

Drama / Canada / 7 min.

A politician at the end of his rope finds some inspiration.

Director: Bobby Del Rio
Producer: Stephanie Baird, Matthew Willson
Writer: Bobby Del Rio
Reservations For Three?

Comedy / USA / 14 min.

A romantic dinner for two is upended when a high-strung woman serves up a meal time discussion of personal reservations and doubts.

Director: Steven Bennett
Producer: Leanne Melissa Bishop, Michael Mason
Writer: Leanne Melissa Bishop, Kelly Perine

Drama / Canada / 11 min.

A man with a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder struggles to gain control of his life in the face of the dissolution of his marriage, finding solace in the only pain he can control while struggling to change who he is.

Director: Sofia Lane
Producer: Rose Lu
Writer: Sofia Lane
My Coffee With Jim

Comedy / Canada / 7 min.

'My Coffee With Jim' follows the tumultuous first date of Jim, an aspiring filmmaker in his twenties, and Jan, a Women's Studies major of a similar age, who find themselves trapped in a debate over the controversial, Woody Allen.

Director: Taras Lavren
Producer: Taras Lavren
Writer: Chris Gilmore
Hard Way Girl

Comedy / Canada / 6 min.

Meet Briony McGovern. Age 9. Briony lives life to the fullest. You can tell by how sweaty and grimy she is. Briony has to try everything. Until she grows up. Can one dreamy night reconnect teen Briony with who she really is? An anti-coming-of-age tale.

Director: Rebecca Gibson
Producer: Kyle Irving, Rebecca Gibson
Writer: Rebecca Gibson

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