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Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 12 min.

When a troubled man leaves the city to clear his mind, he falls victim to his thirst for voyeurism.

Director: Brian Herzog, Cameron Roden
Producer: Brian Herzog, Cameron Roden
Writer: Brian Herzog, Cameron Roden
Cast: Brian Herzog, Tanya Bevan, Sloan Woodside
Masters in Crime

Comedy / Canada / 17 min.

Small-time thief Hank Franklin is determined to become a brilliant criminal mastermind. After learning of an experimental drug being held at a nearby medical facility, Hank sets out to assemble a crew of criminals with varying 'expertise', and designs a scheme to execute the heist that will determine his future.

Director: Devin Knowles
Producer: Owen Roth, Evan Bellam, PJ Lee
Writer: Devin Knowles, Owen Roth
Cast: Owen Roth, Mena Massoud, Ayinde Blake
Red Lopez

Drama / USA / 14 min.

It's 1913, and Danish immigrant, Julius Sorenson, is given the chance to prove himself in his adopted country when his pursuit of his nemeses, Mexican immigrant Rafael 'Red' Lopez, leads to the death of three Utah lawmen and sparks the largest manhunt the state has ever seen.

Director: Stephen Frandsen, Hadleigh Arnst
Producer: Stephen Frandsen, Hadleigh Arnst
Writer: Sally Faraday
Regional Sales Manager

Comedy / United Kingdom / 4 min.

Set in an animalistic world of Corporate Sales, we follow the fortunes of Nigel, a salesman who dares to dream of becoming Regional Sales Manager. The road is rough as he vies for his bossí affections and glory against the office's young buck. May the best man win.

Director: Miles Bingham
Producer: Chris Harrison, Ben Sharpe
Writer: Miles Bingham
Cast: Tim Dawkins, Kevin Wathen, Martin Carroll
The Neighbors

Drama / USA / 7 min.

A widower struggles for peace and quiet while living in the apartment underneath a raucous 8-year-old piano prodigy.

Director: Henry-Alex Rubin
Producer: Sarah Michler
Writer: Sarah Michler
Cast: Nicole Gorbacheva, Stan Peternel, Kelly Rohrbach
Momo san!

Animation / Canada / 3 min.

A lone ronin walks into a saloon for a glass of water. Little knowing that it's filled with killer robots gladly willing to fill the cup with his blood. Cant stop one from dreaming can we?

Director: Sijy Varghese
Producer: Sijy Varghese
Writer: Sijy Varghese, Kate Schultz
Hole in the Wall

Drama / Canada / 31 min.

Owen's conscience is tested when he is given the power to spy on everyone in his dorm. We follow him as he struggles between his morality to do the right thing, and his desire to watch.

Director: Gabriel Adelman
Producer: Avalon McLean-Smits, Gabriel Adelman
Writer: Gabriel Adelman
Cast: Brett Houghton, Grace Munro, Vinson Tran
Legends of the Falls

Comedy / Canada / 9 min.

On Clifton Hill Niagara Falls Dilly the Dolphin and Bucky the Beaver compete to replace Martin the Mountie. One for love, the other for fame. Their fate lies in the hands of their sexually charged boss, Pina.

Director: Stefan Kuchar
Producer: Stefan Kuchar, Bri Waters
Writer: Bri Waters
Cast: Bri Waters, Mark Willett, Dianne Oliveira, Hilary Wilson

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