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Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 24 min.

In a bleak future where women are dying rapidly, a female survivor must counsel, interrogate and mother those responsible to find answers.

Director: Blake Salzman
Producer: Jonathan Ward, Anthony Estrada
Writer: Blake Salzman
Cast: Jules Willcox, Steven Brand, Frederic Michael Mays
Twenty 3 Lighter

Drama / USA / 15 min.

A naive farm boy Harvey, yearns to escape the isolation of his mundane life and his grandfather’s rigorous rules. While attending to his afternoon chores he is approached by his neighbourhood crush Savannah. As the conversation becomes softly intimate, Harvey’s grandfather takes notice and begins to feel that the boy’s infatuation is distracting him from his work and that his lust will lead him down a path of sin. To keep his grandson from getting distracted he hires a new fa

Director: Shelby Coval
Producer: Ryan Ferland, Katie Schonberger
Writer: Shelby Coval
Cast: Ryan Taerk, Kelly Penner, Taylor Jade
The State of Things

Comedy / Canada / 12 min.

The burning issues of the day are pondered by two esteemed philosophers in this modern day update of Plato's Republic.

Director: David Humphreys
Producer: David Humphreys
Writer: David Humphreys
Cast: Laurie Hutchison, Will Moynihan
Perverts Anonymous - Disguises

Comedy / Canada / 22 min.

Prudence is a sexually uptight but intellectually open woman who confronts her sexual inhibitions by running a therapy group for people with unusual sexual issues. In doing so this mutually suspicious group discover they have more in common than they might have thought.

Director: Tim Hamilton
Producer: Lynn Harvey, Tim Hamilton
Writer: Tim Hamilton, Geri Hall
Cast: Geri Hall, Jim Annan, Marty Adams

Animation / United Kingdom / 6 min.

Told entirely using projected animation on to real, polystyrene film sets, Mamoon follows the story of a mother who, along with her infant child, is forced to leave her home when mysterious dark shadows envelope the light in which they exist.

Director: Ben Steer / Blue Zoo Animation
Producer: Tom Box / Blue Zoo Animation
Break Room

Action/Adventure / USA / 15 min.

An ambitious, young teacher, trying hide a rough past, is offered her dream job at a prestigious, private school but finds the unique staff has something more in mind than hitting the books on her first day.

Director: Andy Hourahine
Producer: Blair Johannes, Stephen Paniccia
Writer: Andy Hourahine
Cast: Julia Hourahine, Jackie Mustakas, Jocelyn Ann Lernout

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