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Comedy / Canada / 12 min.

A man's life unravels when he finds something south of his hairline.

Director: Danny Hamilton
Producer: Lindsay Arnold, Paul Rivers
Writer: Ralph Chapman
Cast: Paul Rivers, Hardee Lineham, Shauna Black
Solid State

Comedy / Canada / 10 min.

Zach and Bryan work at the thrift store where Zach finds a stash of vintage answering machine tapes. He wants to preserve the strange messages but Bryan has very different plans for them.

Director: Edward Pond
Producer: Edward Pond
Writer: Edward Pond
Cast: Hayden Finkelshtain, Nick Szeman
The Pitch

Animation / Canada / 3 min.

A story-pitch session in Elizabethan London.

Director: Philip Street
Producer: Philip Street
Writer: Philip Street
Cast: Paul Oros, Damian Kearns

Comedy / USA / 11 min.

A kind of young, sort of ethnic, LA actress takes us through her daily struggle to make it in show-biz without knowing someone, having a famous last name, or sleeping her way to the top. (One of these is false)

Director: John Stamos
Producer: Pat Kudej, Eric Von Doymi
Writer: John Stamos, Caitlin McHugh
Cast: Caitlin McHugh, Josh Peck, Mike Capes
Cain Rose Up

Drama / Canada / 9 min.

a depressed student goes on a sniping rampage from his dorm room window.

Director: Jesse James Marshall
Producer: Jesse James Marshall, Mahmut utku Bak
Writer: Stephen King, Jesse James Marshall
Cast: Ryan C. Barton, Dylan Colton, Stephen Dobby
11th Hour

Drama / Ireland / 11 min.

A bar in uptown Manhattan on the evening of 9/11. The atmosphere is tense with everyone looking for someone to blame for the horrific attack. An older cop tries to calm the situation. Then a surprise visitor enters the bar.

Director: Jim Sheridan
Producer: Rachel Lysaght, Oskar Slingerland
Writer: Lise Hand
Cast: Salma Hayek Pinault, Darren Healy, Tony Doyle

Drama / USA / 15 min.

A young woman bring us into her wild and fantastic world as she realized that her death is imminent.

Director: Eric Jean
Producer: Isabelle Longnus
Writer: Vickie Gendreau
Cast: Jade Mariuka Robitaille, Etienne Laforge, Dominique Petin
The Widow's Last

Drama / United Kingdom / 22 min.

Ireland, 1847. Itís the third year of The Great Hunger and Kathryn Healy, a destitute young widow, must fight to keep her son alive during one of the darkest times in history but is the cost of their survival worth the price of her humanity?

Director: Vanessa Perdriau
Producer: Jackie Sheppard, Luke Walton
Writer: Christopher Gray, Vanessa Perdriau
Cast: Charlotte Peters, Matthew Wolf, Damien Hasson

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