Toronto Shorts Fest

FRIDAY - MARCH 2 - 9:10 PM

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Animation / USA / 16 min.

"Weekends" is the story of a young boy shuffling between the homes of his recently divorced parents. Surreal dream like moments mix with the domestic realities of a broken up family in this hand animated film set in 1980's Toronto.

Director: Trevor Jimenez
Producer: Jeremy Slome

Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 13 min.

In the wake of yet another disappearance at work, Marcus arrives at Jaime's loft for a date they've both been working up to for months. A passionate kiss quickly unveils ulterior motives as their true selves come into the light. A physiological thriller exploring the power of skin and what happens when too much trauma hits its boiling point.

Director: Angela Besharah
Producer: Angela Besharah, Jordan Gray, Mandi Nicholson
Writer: Angela Besharah, Mandi Nicholson
Cast: Mandi Nicholson, Dalmar Abuzeid

Drama / Canada / 19 min.

Nameer must take action, as he is being watched as a 'thief' by numerous viewers.

Director: Rui Wang
Producer: Freddie Lau
Writer: Rui Wang
Cast: Vasilios Filippakis, Francesca Bronk, Chase Tang, Annabelle Loi
Finding Rachel

Comedy / Canada / 9 min.

Lifelong best friends, Jay and Jeff, embark on a heroic journey through their hometown of Toronto, Canada in hopes of finding their one true love: Rachel McAdams.

Director: Mark Nuttall
Producer: Mark Nuttall, Jonathan Lewis
Writer: Mark Nuttall
Cast: Mark Nuttall, Geoffrey Cameron, Julia Mathieson
Typical Love Story

Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 11 min.

Jasmine's first attempt at online dating has some unsettling consequences.

Director: Patrick Hodgson
Producer: Patrick Hodgson, Jerrica Hodgson, Stephanie Brister, Michael Buchanan, Clara Altimas
Writer: Patrick Hodgson
Cast: Altair Vincent, Erica Deutschman
Good Lovelies - I See Gold

Music Video / Canada / 4 min.

I See Gold is a song that invokes many different visuals and interpretations. It’s about those little, fading moments as dawn comes in. Fleeting and delicate, these are the times spent alone, in thought, before the day busies your mind with all those other things we think are important in the moment. We want to capture these moments, but not in a traditional linear form. We want to show them for exactly what they are... disparate specks in time. The visuals should create a mood, a feeling that we can all relate to, without having to create a larger narrative around it. We want the audience to infer their own thoughts and motivations into this imagery. The story should be universal, and at the same time personal.

Director: Matthew Barnett
Producer: Matthew Barnett, Tatjana Green
Cast: Christine Aguilar, Justine Christensen

Drama / Canada / 20 min.

When given impossible orders by the Nazis, a group of Auschwitz prisoners have a debate in their barracks.

Director: David Antoniuk
Producer: Joanna Tsanis, Charles M. Scott, Gregory C. Pappas
Writer: Joanna Tsanis
Cast: Olympia Dukakis, Ermina Pérez, Blue Bigwood-Mallin

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