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Stand Down

Music Video / USA / 7 min.

A haunted ex-soldier suffering from PTSD on a journey toward the ultimate confrontation with HIMSELF.

Director: Dana Tynan, Kario Salem
Producer: Dana Tynan, Gabrielle Yuro
Writer: Kario Salem
Cast: Billy Bob Thornton
The Legend of Rasputin

Animation / Canada / 13 min.

It is a dark historical comedy about the first tabloid star Grigori Rasputin, presenting a chapter in his life through puppets.

Director: Jamie Shannon
Producer: Jamie Shannon
Writer: Jamie Shannon

Suspense/Thriller / Canada / 14 min.

Despite warnings of a serial killer on the loose, Felicity attends an open frat party that her friends are throwing. But her fun night will go horribly awry when she's pursued by a shady and creepy man.

Director: Ryan Orizabal
Producer: Armin Hossni
Writer: Ryan Orizabal
Cast: Santana Doran, Reece Presley
Living with a Monster

Horror / Canada / 4 min.

John is a recluse alcoholic, haunted by his past. One night, a Monster pays him a visit.

Director: Joffrey Saintrapt
Producer: Joffrey Saintrapt
Writer: Joffrey Saintrapt
Cast: Tyler Parr, Kyle McDonald
Forever & Always

Romance / Canada / 7 min.

A couples journey through sickness and health.

Director: Natalie Dale, Chris Violette
Producer: Natalie Dale, Chris Violette
Writer: Natalie Dale, Chris Violette
Cast: Natalie Dale, Chris Violette, Alex Sibul
The Confession

Drama / Canada / 5 min.

Jim (M.E. Lewis) is confronted by his friend as to why he's writing a confession in the middle of a bar.

Director: Brennan Martin, Thomas Saunders
Producer: Brennan Martin, Thomas Saunders, Dan Willmott, M.E. Lewis
Writer: Thomas Saunders
Cast: M.E. Lewis, Dan Willmott
Hard Luck

Drama / Canada / 10 min.

Twin tarot card readers argue at a bar about destiny verses free will and the nature of their fortune telling business. Rather than settling their argument in words, they find an unsuspecting patron to test their opposing theories on.

Director: Daniel T.N. Clements
Producer: Al Magee, Neil Huber, Ali Mashayekhi
Writer: Daniel T.N. Clements, Li Dong
Cast: Jamie Spilchuk, Katie Strain, Karissa
And Though The Music Ended, We Danced On Through The Night

Drama / Australia / 30 min.

The lives of three disparate people - a grieving mother, a man with early stage Alzheimer's and a lonely nurse - intersect through one tragic moment.

Director: Nick Pollack
Producer: Nick Pollack, Aaron Bush, Marisa Zamora
Writer: Nick Pollack, Ryan Hayward
Cast: Debra Lawrance, Tom E Lewis, Emily Gruhl
House Rules

Comedy / USA / 13 min.

A jobless, aimless woman stumbles upon a room for rent. Swallowing her pride, she decides to go for it. From the moment she knocks on the door, she finds that this house may be more than she bargained for.

Director: Sean Robinson
Producer: Sean Robinson, Jessica Fernando
Writer: Eileen Kearney
Cast: Eileen Kearney, Maury Ginsberg, Maggie Surovell

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