Toronto Shorts Fest



Best Foreign Film
Watu Wote - All Of Us
Drama / Germany / 23 min 
Director: Katja Benrath
Producers: Tobias Rosen

Best Drama
Drama / Canada / 17 min
Director: Adam Stern
Producers: Sara Irvine-Erickson, Todd Giroux

Best Comedy
Evil Woman
Comedy / USA / 14 min
Director: Danny Turkiewicz
Producer: Dylan Roast

Best Animation
Animation / United Kingdom  / 6 min
Director: Ben Steer
Producers: Tom Box / Blue Zoo Animation

Best Documentary
The Spring
Documentary / USA / 14 min
Director: Delaney Buffett
Producers: Delaney Buffett, Chloe Corner, Katie Corwin

Best Experimental
Experimental / USA / 10 min
Director: Nina Lisandrello
Producers: Jennifer Haufler, Rebekah Boisvert

Best Canadian Film
The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery
Drama / Canada / 14 min
Director: Jeffrey Zablotny
Producers: Elli Weisbaum, Taylor Bateman


Best Experimental
Color of Reality
Director/Writer: Jon Booz
Producers: Alexa Meade, Kalie Acheson

Best Animation
Director: Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre
Producers: Marie-Josee Saint-Pierre, Marc Bertrand 

Best Foreign Film
Director/Writer: Lauri Randla
Producers: Peeter Urbla, Osku Pajamaki

Best Comedy
Acting Up
Director: Chris Ross
Producers: Vanessa Burns, Freya Ravensbergen

Best Drama
Mr. Bernstein
Director: Francine Zuckerman
Producers: Jessica Adams, Francine Zuckerman

Best Music Video
I Want To Know What Love Is
Director: Filip Nilsson
Producers: Erick Lundqvist, Filip Nilsson

Best of Canada
The Blue Jet
Director/Writer/Producer: Lawrence Lam

Best Documentary
Good Lovelies - Burn the Plan
Director: Matt Barnett
Producer: Tatjana Green


THE Best
Wien for Life
Comedy / Belgium / 24 min. 
Director: Alidor Doflfing 
Producer: Sieber Marly

Best Foreign Film
Esclava (Slave)
Drama / Mexico / 13 min. 
Director: Amat Escalante 
Producer: Luis Ángel Ramírez 

Best Drama 
Drama / USA / 12 min. 
Producer: Scarlet Moreno 

Best Comedy 
Edit > Undo 
Comedy / Canada / 18 min. 
Director: Daniel Clements 
Producers: Shera Everett Singh, Daniel Clements 

Best Documentary 
The Interpreters  
Documentary / Canada / 15 min. 
Director: Patrick Reed 
Producers: Michelle Shephard and Patrick Reed 

Best Experimental 
Experimental / USA / 11 min. 
Director: Shom Ghosh 
Producer: Danelle Eliav, John Prince 

Best of Canada
Busy Bee
Comedy / Canada / 10 min. 
Director: Myke Bakich 
Producer: Chandra Michaels 
it’s possible that there will be no awards given in that category

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